Batalov was truly a folk artist, said Kibovsky

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photobanks Kobzon and Valentina Tereshkova at the ceremony of farewell to the actor Alexey BatalovBatalov was truly a folk artist, said Kibovsky© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

Actor Alexey Batalov in their roles has created images of entire generations of Russian people, he was truly a people’s artist and had absolute artistic glory, the head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky.

Batalov died on June 15 at the age of 88 years. The actor will be buried at the Transfiguration cemetery, according to his will.

«Today, we say goodbye to an amazing man. It is correctly stated: what is «popular»? Indeed, the word discredited. Batalov was not popular in the modern sense of the word, he had this absolute artistic glory which he had deserved and very difficult,» — said Kibovsky at the farewell ceremony with the actor.

According to him, the Director had played so many roles, but none was passing, and each of them felt in the soul of the viewer because these roles were symbols for a number of generations.

«That is why it is the title of people’s artist of the USSR was completely self-sufficient, he was really a folk artist, a man who has embodied on the screen an entire generation of our citizens», — he stressed.

Kibovsky added that in the coming days in the Moscow cinemas will open the film screenings with the actor. «Invite all to come and see these pictures on the big screen, as these films aren’t made for TV,» said the official.

Alexei Batalov was born in 1928 in the family theater figures. The actor starred in more than 40 films, one of his most famous roles — gosh (Georgy Ivanovich) in the film Vladimir Menshov «Moscow does not believe in tears».

Our dear people. Alexei Batalov stays with us