Berezkin has promised not to influence editorial policy of RBC

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in photobacteria of RBC media holding, Moscow. Archival photoBerezkin has promised not to influence editorial policy of RBC© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

The owner of ESN Group Grigory Berezkin, bought a 65% stake and the debt of RBC group «ONEXIM» Mikhail Prokhorov, said he was not going to change the team of the holding company and to influence its editorial policy.

«I don’t plan to influence editorial policy. This is such a Pandora’s box, once it opens — and then you will have problems. Low-motivation, personal responsibility,» said Berezkin in interview to the newspaper «Vedomosti».

He also stated that he has no plans no changes neither in the wording nor in the commercial part and try to work together with the team.

«In the near future to meet with the editorial Board. We agreed with Mikhail (Prokhorov) that, while there is a deal, I team RBC do not communicate. The word I kept. Just met at a forum in St. Petersburg (co-edition RBC) Elizabeth Golikova, but no operational issues we had not discussed», — said Berezkin.

He added that all of the employees of RBC in the evaluation of the asset has only spoken with the General Director of holding Nikolay Molyboga, who was offered to stay.

The deal between the structures of the ESN and the «ONEXIM» has already been approved by the FAS. The petition from the «Sotol» Project provides for the purchase 65% of the voting shares of RBC and 80,463% «RBC Online».

The ESN group owns two oil terminals («Uyar» and «Skovorodino»), a 50.5% energotreydera Rusenergosbyt controls «Rusenergoresurs» (the electricity supplier for Transneft). In addition, in 2007, UST bought ProfMedia controlling stake of the publishing house «Komsomolskaya Pravda». If this ID does not reveal the current structure of shareholders. A year ago, the sources reported to the newspaper «Vedomosti», the main shareholder of ID – «the Baltic media group» (owned by the heirs of Oleg Rudnova) and Berezkin no longer controls the asset. Also Berezkin – co-owner of the Moscow version of the newspaper Metro.

RBC is a leading Russian multimedia holding. The company operates in the segments of Internet, television and the press. RBC occupies leadership positions in news and business media as well as in domain name registration and hosting.


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