Butenko called the system of videomode arbitrators by pioneering in the development of refereeing

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate in fotobanka Butenko. Archival photoButenko called the system of videomode arbitrators by pioneering in the development of refereeing© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nitroscanate the image Bank

System videoporama arbitrators is a pioneer in the development of refereeing in football, said the Agency «R-Sport» Chairman of the judicial Committee of the RFU Andrey Butenko.

System videoporama arbitrators (VAR) at the confederations Cup was first used in the match between Portugal and Mexico. The meeting, held on Sunday at the «Kazan Arena» stadium, ended with the score 2:2. In the first half, the referee Argentine Nestor Supply after prompting the referee-videoassistance abolished the Portuguese goal for offside.

«I would not call the system of videophones arbitrators revolution, said Butenko on the phone. — So it was a drastic step. As a pioneer in the development of refereeing. The issue of video replays is not the first year. This is done for the objectivity of decisions that reflect the basis of the rules of the game. In recent years football has gained new speed, and not primarily the speed of the ball and the players, speed of thought players. Because of this psycho-physical powers of man are not always enough to guarantee an objective assessment of the gaming space.»

According to Butenko, he had been against the introduction of new technologies, however, changed his mind, analyzing their use in other sports.

«Three or four years ago I was a retrograde and opposed the introduction of video replays, believing it would upset the dynamics of the game and reduce the authority of the referee. But, having analyzed this practice in hockey, tennis, volleyball, I realized that for the consideration of the episode have very little time. Besides, it does not reduce the authority of the referee, shows how difficult his work», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Butenko noticed that in the match the Portuguese and the Mexicans on the decision of videoreferee took less time than usual is spent on disputes of players with the judges: «Today the dynamics of the game were not violated. Sometimes players arguing with the judges that it takes at least a minute, and here it took 35-40 seconds. And after disputes begin group or individual conflicts in the field, and here all quietly waited, what decision will be made. So I do not see any negative factors affecting the course of the game.»