Cahill noted the importance of the match between Australia and Germany for both teams

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in Votorantim Cahill in training before the tournament of the confederations Cup 2017 footballCahill noted the importance of the match between Australia and Germany for both teams© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability the image Bank

National team Germany soccer sunglasses need no less than team Australia, with its philosophy and held an important way to participate in the confederations Cup, so the upcoming match will be important for each of the players, said midfielder Australians Tim Cahill.

The match between Germany and Australia will be held on Monday at the stadium «Fisht» in Sochi.

«My source of faith in our victory – the belief that I have decades of playing for the national team, saw a lot of tournaments. Over the past three years, I saw that we have a common philosophy, a common attitude, a common path of development. We go out on the world stage of football, and not only through physical forms, but by something more. We have passed your way and become some other team playing in the Asian Cup,» said Cahill at a press conference.

«Everything was against us, but we nonetheless qualified. I already know what the confederations Cup. Whatever was going on outside our camp, the main thing is our philosophy, what we believe. Tomorrow is a big match not just for us but for the other team. Them glasses will need exactly the same as us,» — said the footballer.

According to midfielder, team goals are much higher than its individual success. «For me the most important thing was to come here. Here we are, a group of 23 players and everyone has to do everything he can, even if it’s not going to play. We have the ability to succeed, it will be a very important event in our careers. For us, this success would be a milestone, because we’re one team. And individual successes – on the second plan, although they can bring a favor,» said Cahill.