Coach Australians took responsibility for the defeat from the Germans

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photobunny coach Australia Angelos Postecoglou during the match of the confederations Cup 2017 football match between Australia and GermanyCoach Australians took responsibility for the defeat from the Germans© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

Head coach of Australian football Postecoglou Angelos said he was pleased with the play of his team in the match of the group stage of the confederations Cup with the German national team, and the responsibility for the defeat lies with him.

The German national team on Monday at the stadium «Fisht» in Sochi defeated the Australian team with the score 3:2.

«We are disappointed. I’m happy, as shown by the players, it was hard for us to get together, switch to the game. We gave too much space. Maybe it was too much respect for the opponent. Gradually we became involved, and in the second half we played smarter, coherent. Nevertheless, we are disappointed. We have not come here to lose. To go against the best is not easy. The guys went all out and did what we wanted. This is my failure, my responsibility,» said Postecoglou at a press conference.

«We played too deep in the beginning. I tried to make the guys played bravely. But we are a little frozen when we conceded the first goal, it’s psychology. We wanted to stick to his principles to play higher it would have worked better. We conceded a goal really early, it happens, need to learn. We got involved only in the second half. Replacement gave us the necessary impetus,» he added.

Postecoglou also noted that his players managed to avoid injury, so they need to recuperate and prepare for the game against Cameroon, which will be held June 22 at the stadium «Saint-Petersburg».

«We haven’t had many chances in the first half. We focused on defense. We need more possession. We have room to grow, and our game will improve. Injuries no, we need to recover and prepare for the next meeting. Just a game at this level will prepare them for growth. Discipline will come later. You need to realize against whom we played. They radiated energy, was decisive, and we failed to hold them back,» said the coach.