How severe metallurgists turned into contemporary artists

© Photo courtesy of the festival «Art-Ovrag» 7th festival Art-Ovrag in VyksaHow severe metallurgists turned into contemporary artists© photo courtesy of the festival «Art-Ovrag»

Standard residential boxes and bright graffiti on the walls. In recent years, mining the town of Vyksa in the Nizhny Novgorod region became the venue of the street art festival «Art-Ovrag». From 16 to 18 June, the festival was held for the seventh time.

At this year’s festival in Vyksa set a record. In the city there was the biggest wall painting in Europe — a street artist Misha Most painted the wall of one of the buildings of the plant.

Within six months, a group of artists led by Mike Most has created this giant piece of street art — painting takes more than 10 thousand square meters. Rain sometimes washed away the paint, and the locals, according to rumors, even once «borrowed» the necessary materials.

But still the job is done, and the painting will become a local attraction, on a par with the tower of the architect Shukhov, who is in the same plant. The record was officially recorded, and the city plans to make the special observation deck, where the painting can be seen at a distance and as a whole.

In the city, of course, not without talking about that instead of the festival was better to make good roads, build new schools or hospitals. But at the same time, the head of the city district Vyksa Vladimir Kochetkov, positive divided by statistics: for example, classes at the local art school became more popular.

Now the school has provided a new building, and this year the number of students will increase by 200 people. Kochetkov am sure that the city needs to develop in different directions, and people should be able to work not only on iron and steel production.

© Photo courtesy of the festival «Art-Ovrag» 7th festival «Art-Ovrag» in Vyksa How severe metallurgists turned into contemporary artists© photo courtesy of the festival «Art-Ovrag» 7th festival «Art-Ovrag» in Vyksa

The three day festival is akin to a tsunami: the noisy crowd of actors played the performance on the streets, in the Central square were the workshops, despite the rain, rafts cruised on the water and rolled all comers.

For three days Vyksa ceased to be a small provincial town — this festival will be the envy of any big city. Perhaps because of the festival, Vyksa and will cease to be provincial. The plans of the curators Yulia Bychkova and Anton Kochurkin, for example, the creation of a modern art collection for a metallurgical company. And this is the first case when the plant will become the owner of a collection of works of art.