In Azerbaijan, will start large-scale military exercises

© AFP 2017 / Adil KazimovСолдаты of the Azerbaijani armed forces during a training exercise. Archival photoIn Azerbaijan, will start large-scale military exercises© AFP 2017 / Adil Kazimov

Large-scale military exercises of Azerbaijani armed forces will start on Monday, they will take part to 23 thousand troops, the conditions are close to the fighting.

Hard to learn, easy in battle

The Azerbaijani armed forces will hold large-scale exercises from 19 to 24 June, they will participate and 23 thousand soldiers, the conditions will be close to combat, reported the press service of the Ministry of defense of the Republic.

«According to the approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme commander of the armed forces Ilham Aliyev the plan, starting June 19 will be held large-scale tactical exercises to test combat readiness of troops, the organization of control of forces and means of their interaction in the conditions approached to fighting», — reported in the military.

The defense Ministry added that «the exercise will involve up to 23 thousand military personnel, up to 120 units of tanks and armored vehicles, up to 180, missile and artillery systems of different caliber, rocket systems of volley fire and mortars, up to 30 units of combat aircraft for various purposes, as well as new means of electronic intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles».

The exercises will continue until June 24.

Together with Turkey in Nakhchivan

Earlier, the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey met in Nakhchivan military tactical exercises, they lasted until 16 June.

«In accordance with the Memorandum of understanding signed between the governments of Azerbaijan Republic and Turkish Republic on 12 June in Nakhichevan began joint tactical exercises with the participation of troops of the armed forces of the two countries», — reported earlier in the press service of the defense Ministry.

According to military officials, the purpose of the exercise is to develop coordination of troops through the exchange of experiences between the armed forces and the achievement of cooperation of military departments of two countries by conducting joint operations.

In the Azerbaijani defense Ministry RIA Novosti reported that in the exercises of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey participated about 5 thousand troops, more than 250 military and special equipment.

As noted in the defense Ministry, according to the exercise scenario, the next stage of «divisions of the separate combined-arms army, various law enforcement agencies and the armed forces of Turkey have been lifted on a signal «Alarm» and advanced in areas of concentration».

According to the press service, in accordance with the plan of combat training connections and units were brought into a state of full combat readiness.

The national salvation Day — June 15 joint exercise was observed by Minister of defense of Azerbaijan Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov, the commander of the mechanized brigade of the Turkish armed forces major-General Ercan Ilhan and Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov.

At the event dedicated to the completion of a joint tactical exercises, Zakir Hasanov congratulated the personnel of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey with the successful fulfillment during the exercise task.

According to him, in Azerbaijan particular attention is paid to strengthening of defense potential of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

«Separate combined-arms army has a high combat abilities and can adequately respond to the enemy. The enemy should know that Nakhichevan protects the professional army,» he said.

Tension in Karabakh

In Azerbaijan, will start large-scale military exercises© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece in photobacteria this year will participate in 5 exercises with foreign voennymi Saturday, the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan reported on the tensions on the contact line in Karabakh and the shelling by the Armenian side settlements from artillery.

«The Armenian armed forces shelled the towns located along the line of contact of artillery», — informs the Ministry of defense.

According to the Agency, as a result of retaliatory measures killed six Armenian soldiers are wounded. «All responsibility for the situation lies on the Armenian side», — claim in Baku.

In Azerbaijan, will start large-scale military exercises© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobacteria electronic warfare exercises near Kursk covered troops from missile Dranitsyna NKR was accused Azerbaijani military provocations, a Ministry of foreign Affairs of Armenia issued a statement in which he warned about the unpredictable consequences of aggravation of the situation in the Karabakh conflict zone.

The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh began in February 1988 when Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous region (NKAR) announced their withdrawal from the Azerbaijani SSR. In September 1991, in the centre of Nagorno-Karabakh Stepanakert it has been declared creation of Nagorno-the Karabakh Republic (NKR). The Azerbaijani authorities during the subsequent military conflict have lost control over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Since 1992 negotiations on peaceful settlement of the conflict within OSCE Minsk group. Azerbaijan insists on maintaining its territorial integrity, Armenia protects interests of unrecognized Republic as Nagorno-Karabakh is not a party to the negotiations.