In Jurmala local residents earlier asked to close the dump, where the fire occurred

© Photo : account Daniil Sergeyev contactcopy the fire at the dump in JurmalaIn Jurmala local residents earlier asked to close the dump, where the fire occurred© Photo : Daniil Sergeyev account VKontakte

Locals a year ago, appealed to local authorities to eliminate the plastic waste dump in Jurmala, where on Sunday there was a big fire, but this was not done, said a local resident Vera Koltsova.

«A disgusting smell of this dump came in to our homes. I’m a year ago wrote in the Department of environmental protection, as well as local officials and politicians, including the candidates», — said Koltsov.

According to her, the waste brought to the landfill by trucks.

«There are plastic bags, bottles, pressed briquettes. They brought back the loaded truck. The environment Department did nothing, no movement was not, was the dump is all over this fire. But the Department and the Duma had nothing to do, although this is illegal dumping. Perhaps this is some deliberate red tape», — said Koltsov.

Sunday, slok (near Jurmala) there was a fire risk in Jurmala station reloading and sorting of waste. At 15.50 firefighters received a call from witnesses who reported that Ventspils highway you can see a huge black smoke. When firefighters arrived on the scene, it was found that burn waste — according to eyewitnesses, it is molded plastic. Involved in extinguishing the fire train and helicopter Mi-8.

State fire and rescue service urged residents of Jurmala and Riga to close the window, because burning plastic and smoke is toxic.

According to the mayor of Jurmala Rita Sproge, the owner of the landfill is actually engaged in illegal business, the town Council leads him to litigation, and it is possible that the cause of the fire could be arson.