In Moscow for a week come rain

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotomontaggi in Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow for a week come rain© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The cold and the rains are expected in Moscow and the Moscow region during the next working week, told RIA Novosti in the weather center «Phobos».

«First day (of the week), the capital region will hold in the zone of influence of atmospheric fronts of the Atlantic cyclone, which will cause a moderate warm – in the capital is expected to +19… +21 degrees, in the suburbs will be +17… +22 degrees, but rainy weather. In the second half of the day as waste front, in the cloud fields will appear clarifying that the probability of rain will start to fall,» — said the expert of the center, noting that large amounts of rain to wait still not worth it.

According to the weather center, on Tuesday in the region will drop a crest of an anticyclone thanks to which the chance of precipitation will be reduced to minimum, the clouds thinned and looked out, the sun warmed up the air to normal in the capital from 21 to 23 degrees, on area to +24 degrees.

«On Wednesday of the next Atlantic cyclone will compact cloud field and again will increase the probability of rain, which will affect the temperature in Moscow +18… +20 degrees, in the suburbs +16… +21 degrees, on Thursday at the rear of the cyclone will enter the cold air mass that will cool Metropolitan air up to 17-19 degrees, and in the suburbs to +14… +19 degrees, again not without rain,» — added in «Phobos».

On Friday, the nature of the conditions will not change significantly: the intermittent rains and the lower temperatures will continue. In the city +15… +17 degrees, on area from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius.


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