In Yekaterinburg arrested the suspects in the robbery at the savings Bank

© Fotolia / BranislavЗадержанный. Archival photoIn Yekaterinburg arrested the suspects in the robbery at the savings Bank© Fotolia / Branislav

Four suspects in the RAID on the Bank on June 16 arrested in Ekaterinburg, have informed on Monday of RIA of news the head a press-services gumvd on Sverdlovsk area Valery Burnt.

As previously reported by the Ural Bank of the savings Bank, last Friday, some robbers tried to Rob the office of the organization located at ulitsa Shcherbakova, 20.

«Police officers from departments for combating organized crime of the criminal investigation Department and a private security gumvd on Sverdlovsk area together with soldiers of the SOBR of the Federal service of national guard troops in «hot pursuit» uncovered an armed robbery at a Bank branch in Yekaterinburg. The RAID was made by a group of cyclists,» — said Gorelykh.

According to him, the armed robbers did not stop the presence of visitors in the institution, but something alarmed and they decided to leave without taking anything.

«Arrived at the scene, police detained one of the suspects near a Bank, three other accomplices were apprehended during the RAID in different parts of the city within the same day. Is local and out of town residents», — added the head of the press service.

He added that a criminal case under article «robbery in especially large size». The detainees were arrested, now they are in custody.