Lavrov will discuss the fight against terrorism with colleagues from BRICS countries

© RIA Novosti / Jeanne Manacapuru BRICS 2017Lavrov will discuss the fight against terrorism with colleagues from BRICS countries© RIA Novosti / Zhanna Manukyan

The meeting of foreign Ministers of the BRICS countries will be held on Monday in Beijing. The Russian delegation will be headed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

Usually the Ministers meet on the sidelines of international forums, for example, during the UN General Assembly. This year, as reported by the Russian foreign Ministry, such a contact in new York is also planned, but this time China, as the chair decided to hold a separate full-scale meeting without reference to multilateral meetings.

The agenda of the upcoming meeting – no surprises: it is expected that the Ministers will discuss cooperation in the framework of enterprises, and international issues. In particular, high-ranking diplomats are unlikely to pass the current situation in the middle East, particularly in Syria, although from the five countries of the BRICS group in the fighting against terrorists in this country involved only Russia. However, the issue of combating terrorism is close to all the members of the Association.

«I think that during the negotiations the Ministers of foreign Affairs can conduct a full, Frank exchange of views on the issue of combating terrorism. I am sure that in this issue of the BRICS should not be any significant differences, because all believe that the fight against terrorism should not be double standards», — said the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Lu Kang.

The contacts of the BRICS countries will continue in the coming months: in July, the «margins» of the G20 summit in Hamburg will host an informal meeting of leaders of the group, and in September heads of state will participate in the official summit in the Chinese city of Xiamen. The following year, the chairmanship of the Association will go to South Africa.

And should I see?

Since the establishment of the BRICS (BRIC was established in 2006, and after 5 years joined the group South Africa) around the pool it does not cease debate about its effectiveness. Head of the programme «Russia in Asia-Pacific,» Carnegie Moscow center Alexander Gabuev sure what to say about the incredible prospects of this format is not necessary.

«I think that the BRICS is somewhat mechanical Association, invented by investment bankers Goldman Sachs and filled at the time political life is not without the participation of Russia. But at the stage of overcoming the global financial crisis and the fight for the reform of the Bretton woods institutions, this Association seemed reasonable as the most rapidly developing economies that are not represented in the IMF and the world Bank. Now there’s a lot of tracks of cooperation, but why are these countries? They’re booming? In Brazil — a full-scale political and economic crisis. Russia was in recession and now is in economic stagnation and under sanctions. Between countries, the mass of political contradictions. Just look at India and China,» — said the expert RIA Novosti.

He drew attention to the small level of trade between the countries of the Association. «Only China has a double digit growth in trade with Russia is about 14% and about 20% in trade with Brazil. Other countries are trading among themselves slightly. That is to say that there is a great unifying base, besides the fact that this is some attempt to build an alternative system that is impossible», — said Gabuev.

He recalled that the BRICS reserve currency pool in dollars «is not used even once,» the new development Bank is also «while groping your modus operandi». «So I wouldn’t expect any major breakthroughs, or say that it is now some incredibly promising format», — said Gabuev.

The expert said that China’s participation in BRICS is a kind of opportunity to exchange ideas with other, non-Western countries about how best to arrange the world’s financial system or a system of assistance to developing countries. «That is rather a platform for brainstorming than a real alternative to the Bretton woods system, or the WTO system,» added Gabuev.

Arguing with him in absentia head of the centre for South-East Asia, Australia and Oceania, Institute of Oriental studies Dmitry Mosyakov. In his opinion, BRICS «is not lost, but retains some relevance».

«Of course, all these associations are extremely useful from the point of view that this mutual support, mutual contact, help. This is serious. So, to say that BRICS disappears — I think not,» — said the expert.

Although, according to his confession, the BRICS Association is not first level, it can become a platform for serious mutual projects and foreign policy initiatives. «Its role is, and BRICS. Prospects can be. In the case of strengthening of cooperation of the BRICS may be a platform for any new major mutual projects for joint foreign policy initiatives. This is an important international platform,» — said Moscow.

Lavrov will discuss the fight against terrorism with colleagues from BRICS countries© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria BRICS: facts and figures