Manila plans to buy part of the Russian weapons on credit

© AFP 2017 / Ted AljibeФилиппинские soldiers. Archival photoManila plans to buy part of the Russian weapons on credit© 2017 AFP / Ted Aljibe

Manila plans to buy weapons from Russia partly available to it currently funds, partly on credit, Moscow has offered to do this «very good conditions», said in an interview with RIA Novosti Ambassador of the Philippines in Russia Carlos Sorreta.

«We have a budget that allows us to purchase a certain amount of weapons right now. As for the rest, Russia has offered us a very good lending system. In very good conditions. It will be a mixed system: part we will purchase with their own money, and that for larger volumes, the funding will go through to lending,» — said the Ambassador, answering the question about the basis on which Manila would like to get interested in her service with the Russian Federation.

To date between Russia (USSR) and the Philippines, there was no signed contract on military-technical cooperation. Meanwhile, Philippine armed forces are in need of some weapons, the purchase of which a traditional partner of VTS – United States – is becoming more problematic because of the delay and the conditions put forward by the American side.

In an interview with Russian media the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte previously explained why his country would like to have weapons. According to Duterte, «when Russia sells weapons it does not impose any conditions». However, as noted the head of state, this approach does not work in the case of the United States.