May announced the creation of a new Commission on fighting extremism

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in photobacteria Minister Theresa may. Archival photoMay announced the creation of a new Commission on fighting extremism© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

Prime Minister Theresa may announced the creation of a special Commission to combat all forms of extremism, including Islamophobia.

The van in on Monday night made arrival on the people of North London, who was returning from the mosque with night prayer. The police said that the incident, one person died, 10 were injured, eight of them hospitalized. On suspicion of committing premeditated murder arrested 48-year-old white male.

«Today we woke up and found out that in our capital there was another terrorist attack. It was again an attack on ordinary, innocent people, this time, members of the Muslim community, praying in the Holy time for them,» said Mae, speaking on Monday morning a statement following the meeting of the emergency COBRA Committee, which is composed of representatives of the government, police and intelligence services.

«Today’s attack demonstrates that terrorism takes many forms, and we will fight all forms of extremism, including Islamophobia,» said she.

«For too long, the extremism was impatient. We are more than ever committed to fight against extremism, including on the Internet. Therefore, we create a special Commission to combat extremism,» the Premier said.

The current attack was the fourth in the UK for the last three months.

On the evening of 3 June, the car crashed into a crowd on London bridge, after which three armed terrorists climbed out of the car and attacked passers-by. The terrorists were killed by police. Seven people were killed.

In Manchester on 22 may, the attack occurred during a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Undermining was carried out by a suicide bomber, Salman Abedi. Killed 22 people, including 12 children. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the terrorist group ISIS banned in Russia and several other countries.

In London on 22 March there was a terrorist attack, which killed five people, injured dozens. Terrorist Khalid Masud sent a car into pedestrians on Westminster bridge, the houses of Parliament stabbed the policeman. Terrorist eliminated, the armed guard of the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom.