Media reported about the data breach nearly 200 million American voters

© Fotolia / DragonImagesМужчина working on the laptop. Archival Photo.Media reported about the data breach nearly 200 million American voters© Fotolia / DragonImages

Organization of Deep Root Analytics, who worked on the national Committee of the Republican party, left in an open access database containing information about 198 millions of American voters, reports The Hill.

Database among other files with a total volume of 25 terabytes was posted on the Amazon cloud and not password protected. Specialist firms Upguard Chris Vickery who found this account, admitted that they had not previously encountered such a volume of unprotected data.

Caught the free access to voter lists contain the names and addresses. In addition, open was the results of several studies conducted by Deep Root Analytics in the presidential elections in 2016 by order of the Republican National Committee. From January 2015 to November 2016, Republicans paid the company a total of nearly a million dollars, the article says.

The scale is placed in the open access of confidential information to make this case unprecedented. Earlier in the network has leaked information about 93 million Mexican voters, reminiscent of The Hill.