Moscow calling: confederations Cup came to Moscow with the victory of Chile

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in photobacteria the opening of the confederations Cup 2017 in St. Petersburg. 17 Jun 2017Moscow calling: confederations Cup came to Moscow with the victory of Chile© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

Team Chile defeated the team of Cameroon in the third match of the confederations Cup in football, which takes place in Russia.

Chileans on Sunday at the stadium «Spartak» defeated the Cameroonians with the score 2:0. The score in the 81st minute was opened by midfielder Arturo Vidal, and in stoppage second half time striker Eduardo Vargas doubled the result.

«Red-blue» Chileans against… In Moscow, in the output. Subway resembled a Derby day, but at the same time was so distant from him. Without police in helmets, without guttural chants, which often spews Russian fans in places not really designed for this, no broken glass part of the metro lights — nothing. The police was the same invisible character, like a good referee on the field. As Damir Skomina this day. It seemed that inflated pronounced courtesy of volunteers dressed in black and wearing of the NCO shoulder straps.

Meanwhile, preparing for the match the Chilean radio journalist Diego Gaspar Saez Miranda, miracle by Russian standards, is restored to its 45 thousand rubles, which it decided to «throw» a local businessman from the private taxis. The story of the trip from the airport to the center of 50 thousand rubles was successfully resolved in favor of the journalist, Gaspar Saez got your money back. He satisfied a colleague were happy to share the impression that justice is done, but never believed in sincere recognition of pseudothecia hunted near the Domodedovo airport and a day later in very bad Russian, who tried to shield himself with a Declaration of love for Chile.

With the emergence of Sanchez and then Leonardo Valencia, the national team of Chile have a brand and confusing the opponent jumps forwards without the ball. But the inertia of the match with his urge to draw was by that time already strong. Chileans no longer slipped in three passes in the penalty area and the opponent, though, and bite in response, but not convincing. The star class of the Chilean leader has shown in quite a long overhang from the left edge, Vidal jumped into the clouds, and the defenders from Cameroon once again lost the position — 1:0.

At the last minute Sanchez went to the gate, Ondoa and decided to peperonity, placing all opponents on the field, but after the hit the defender and got the ball to Vargas nailed it into the net. The joy was short-lived: Skomina cancelled a goal, having seen the offside. But the video system for the second time in the match found wrong referees and scored a goal.

Chileans temporarily topped group B, but the situation may change after the match between Australia and Germany, which will be held on Monday at the Sochi stadium «Fisht».

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Moscow calling: confederations Cup came to Moscow with the victory of Chile© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobackpack confederations 2017