Moscow doctors will receive grants for nursing bedridden patients

© Fotolia / lenetsnikolaiВрач in the clinic. Archival photoMoscow doctors will receive grants for nursing bedridden patients© Fotolia / lenetsnikolai

The regulation on material incentives of doctors and nurses, providing routine primary health care at home for elderly patients, was approved at the meeting of the Presidium of the Moscow government.

«Life expectancy in Moscow is increasing every year, and the number of elderly people also increases. Increases the need and importance of nursing service, care for the elderly, disabled at home. Are engaged in social services, and our outpatient clinics. This system is gradually coming to practice,» said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin at the podium, noting the importance of developing this system further, and also the need for material incentives to physicians dealing with these issues.

As reported to the Minister of Moscow government, head of the healthcare Department Alexey Khripun, for this system in the Department is approximately 100 physicians, followed by fixed order of 350-400 patients, and 240 nurses to care for 150-200 patients.

«The project provides grants to clinics, which will work with these professionals. They include paying 25 thousand (rubles) to the existing wage to the doctor and 15 thousand (rubles) to the existing wage nurse that accompanies this work and is working independently in the system of patronage service,» said Khripun.


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