Of glavarkhiv will hold a virtual exhibition to the Day of memory and grief

© RIA Novosti / Naum Granovskiy defending Moscow during the great Patriotic war. Archival photoOf glavarkhiv will hold a virtual exhibition to the Day of memory and grief© RIA Novosti / Naum Granovsky

On the website of the Main archival administration of Moscow on June 22 opened the virtual exhibition «Generation of volunteers. The feat of the youth in the years of the great Patriotic war,» dedicated to the Day of memory and grief, according to the portal of the Moscow government. The exhibition will feature materials from the collections of Central state archive of the city of Moscow.

The first section of the exhibition contains documents of the prewar period, which tell about young people who were brought up on examples of the exploits of Arctic explorers and pilots, the first heroes of the Soviet Union, the builders and workers-Stakhanovites, and a movie about Alexander Nevsky, Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov, Vasily Chapaev. A special place is given to the documents of the great Patriotic war, photos of recruits in the military, questionnaires, statements, lists and agenda on the mobilization of the army and the national militia.

The Central part of the exhibition — a private novel, which tells of the exploits of heroes of the Soviet Union. Letters, memoirs, premium sheets, photos, get acquainted with the sniper Natalia Screener, a machine gunner Yuri Kostikov, pilot Ivan by Dokukina, Navigator Evgeny Balashov, and many others. These heroes were awarded the title for deeds committed in the days of the battle of Moscow, in the period of strategic operations at Stalingrad, the Kursk bulge, in the crossing of the Dnieper, the liberation of the peoples of Europe, during the storming of the Reichstag. Just the title of hero of the Soviet Union was awarded seven thousands of young soldiers who fought in the great Patriotic war. Orders and medals were awarded to more than 35 million scouts.