Russia and China have shared the Grand Prix festival of a name of Tarkovsky «the Mirror»

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in Photobacterium Cantemir of Balakov during the closing ceremony of the XI International film festival named after A. Tarkovsky’s Mirror in Ivanovo. Archival photoRussia and China have shared the Grand Prix festival of a name of Tarkovsky «the Mirror»© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

. International festival named after Andrei Tarkovsky «the Mirror», which is already in 11th time was held in the Ivanovo region, ended with the victory of two paintings — Russian («the Tightness») and Chinese («I am Madame Bovary»).

More than a hundred films over five days of the festival showed the audience Ivanovo and Ivanovo region. In total, 12 programs fiction, documentaries and animated films, video art, retrospectives and special events that, in addition to Ivanov, held in Plyos, Yurievets, Kineshma, and Shuya.

Fathers and sons

For the main competition program Director of the festival Andrei Plakhov selected ten — with a wide geographical coverage: Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, France, South Korea, India, Senegal and Russia. And all this tape somehow affecting the problems of youth in difficult and aggressive world.

The jury of the main competition this year included actress Yelena Koreneva, Director Zhanna Issabayeva Kazakhstan, Israeli actress Hadas Yaron and Hungarian Director Janos Szasz, and it was headed by the Mexican Director and screenwriter, has won themselves a great name in world cinema, winner of Berlinale and the Cannes film festival, Amat Escalante.

«We are grateful to the festival for the excellent program. It was very interesting that in her paintings as already recognized masters and debutants. But we didn’t look at their age, did not take into account past achievements, and relied solely on the movie. The films that we saw, gave us food for very interesting discussions and reflections,» commented Escalante selection of tender paintings and the work of the jury.

The Director, incidentally, a student of the classics of world auteur cinema of Alexander Sokurov said that the plot of his movie is based on real events.

«This is a very strong job in itself, and for the debut of such a young author even more so. Very bright and topical statement. Strong drama with good acting and stunning play the female lead role. Of course, the interest is the fact that it is the work of the student Sokurov, but, in my opinion, here there is individuality and own special style. In fact, a strong teacher is good because it helps student to discover themselves, their identity, be bold in your creativity and finding your way in the profession,» said RIA Novosti member of the jury, actress Yelena Koreneva.

Add Grand Prix is not the only award the film «Anguish» at the festival «the Mirror»: he also awarded the young critics of «the Voice» and received important for any Director the audience award.

The story of the little man

Due to the delicate decision of jury winner is Chinese film Feng Syaogana «I am Madame Bovary». It is «the story of the little man» — a young woman who is trying to litigate a bogus divorce, suddenly it became real. No one foresaw that decade of the deceived woman turns into a nightmare for the entire echelon of power in his province. The film is shocking that a political satire, which the viewer perceives as Comedy, in the final turns deep drama of a woman who lost unborn child.

And he’s not the only one pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked at the preparedness, education and however, the openness and sincerity of the Ivanovo spectators. However, for their discussion of the paintings with the creators of the films have become an important part of the festival «the Mirror».

According to the Governor of Ivanovo region Pavel Konkov, Ivanovka are proud that the festival named after Andrei Tarkovsky — master of auteur cinema, revered throughout the world, takes place on their land. They are waiting for this annual meeting with talented authors and their movies are not intellectual turmoil and food for thought.