Shantsev: Nizhny Novgorod art crafts it is necessary to enter the export

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Nizhny Novgorod enterprises of national art crafts (NHP) for further development it is necessary to expand the market at the expense of foreign countries, said the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region in the industry of folk arts and crafts operates 25 plants, 25 individual entrepreneurs, two of the crafts center (kulebakskiy district and Novinsky center of Chkalovsky district), the Center of pottery, Bogorodsky district. In the regional government noted that the diversity of traditional arts managed to save, including through the work of the regional program of support which businesses receive benefits, in particular for raw materials, energy.

«Not only benefits the enterprises of national art crafts (NHP) under a regional program of support important today. It is necessary to expand the market for the genuine products nkhp and the share of counterfeit goods, however, declined… Our businesses nkhp now we have to conquer international markets, so they can get additional profit, to develop, to increase the salaries of employees in this profession were increasingly coming young artists. I see this as the main objective,» said Shantsev, who are in the press-service of the Governor and government of the region.

According to him, «the export potential is not only Khokhloma painting, but Kazakov filigree, and bornukovskiy stone carving, and gorodetskoe goldwork embroidery and other folk arts and crafts».

According to the Governor, increased awareness of Nizhny Novgorod folk arts and crafts will promote the products of the factory «Khokhloma painting», made for the world Cup in 2018.

Director of ZAO «khokhlomskaya Rospis» Elena Krayushkina said that in the framework of the signed cooperation agreement with FIFA the 11 items that the factory will produce logos of the world Cup in 2018, the international football Federation. In particular, will be presented as a Souvenirs, for example, dolls, and gift — magnets, plates, various balls, pens, Desk sets with clocks. «There will be beer mugs for the fans – they’ll be one of the most popular Souvenirs,» she suggested. According to her, now the company develops the samples.