SK and prosecutors carry out inspections after a collision of trains in Moscow

© Photo : Maxim Kalashnikovskaya train swift with the train near the Kursk railway station. 19 Jun 2017SK and prosecutors carry out inspections after a collision of trains in Moscow© Photo : Maxim Kalashnikov

Investigators are checking after a collision of two trains at the Kursk station in Moscow, said senior assistant head of the Moscow inter-regional investigatory management SK of Russia on transport Tatyana Morozova.

According to her, the collision at low speed trains «swift» and the electric train by the message Nakhabino-chip happened due to the failure of the switch. Damaged four cars, two cars derailed.

Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office organized a check on the fact of collision. As told by its official representative Ekaterina Korotkova, to the place of incident left the head of Department Vladimir Sprat and head of the Moscow-Kursk transport Prosecutor’s office, is in charge of the transport infrastructure.

Informed management on transport of the Ministry of interior in the Central Federal district announced that a passenger train, «swift», EN route from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow Monday afternoon touched the train Nahabino-chip on the way to the Kursk station. As reported by Moskovsky railway, after the incident, two passengers of «Swift,» appealed to the clinic with injuries.