Startup «shot»: the Russian team raised $42 million investment

© Fotolia / vladimircaribbСуперкомпьютерStartup «shot»: the Russian team raised $42 million investment© Fotolia / vladimircaribb

Russian IT-startup SONM (Organized by Supercomputer Network Mining), developing on the basis of blockchain technology the universal supercomputer — gathered to continue their development of the $42 million investment via the ICO on the Ethereum platform. The company was founded by SONM developer Sergei Ponomarev and chemist Andrei voronkovym. Now the startup team consists of ten people. Employee of the chemistry Department of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov Andrei Voronkov been engaged in the evaluation of formulas of new medicines. As you know, to search formulas are used supercomputers which are always loaded with different tasks. Andrey Voronkov had the idea to combine the computing resources of different people for the selection of new formulas. Such practice exists for a long time, but the innovation proposed by the SONM start-up, is that the calculations are encouraged to pay by tokens issued by the company (the token in this case is understood as a payment unit, in fact – cryptocurrency).

Says Andrey Voronin, the founder of the project SONM, an employee of the chemistry Department of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov, researcher biopharmcluster at MIPT:

«In our startup we promise to provide the computing power and the possibility of renting computational power. It’s a global operating system for so-called «digital fog» (fog computing). Right now there is cloud computing, there are identical computers I think some of the problem. And in the misty calculations, you can connect not only computers, but anything: phone, TV, or any computing device. We make an operating system that can be put on every device in the world to perform computational tasks.»

In Russia such projects are still there. In the future, the proposed technology can be a very powerful distributed system that can solve any tasks, including tasks of strategic purpose. The developers of a startup SONM proposed project description, and presented the first prototype — the alpha version, where users can already place server. The first users who posted a game server, already received payment in tokens. As a result, in two days, on the platform Ethereum (cryptocurrency) this project has raised $ 42 million in terms of cryptocurrency. «Now the cost of cryptocurrency is created by the so-called miners, — says Andrey Voronkov. — People that have computing power, but typically they are used for highly specialized tasks. These facilities are specialized in cryptography. There are certain encryption algorithms that encrypt the blocks. They do quite useless work: decrypts those blocks, and get the money that thus gain value. And we propose that the decryption of cryptography — in this case useless, because it’s useless (just burning electricity) to do useful calculations and to accrue tokens.

We can change the essence of mining. If we change the essence of mining, our project may come out on top, ahead of bitcoin and Ethereum, because we have mining will be loaded with useful calculations».

The next task is to place with the help of a new system of scientific calculations. Andrei Voronkov wants to move his project «Drug discovery at home» for the calculation of drugs, proteins, the development of drugs of new generation — the new computing platform.
In the distant plans of the startups to create the artificial intelligence that he will be able to select computational tasks and send them to the desired computers in analyzing the profitability of the tokens.
Judging by the public reaction to the proposals of the developers, they see the future of digital technology accurate.