The expert on the appointment Erchova Ambassador to Turkey: he is a strong Arabist and diplomat

© Photo : The Bosphorus/Metin Abusalama Erchov. Archive photoThe expert on the appointment Erchova Ambassador to Turkey: he is a strong Arabist and diplomat© Photo : the Bosphorus/Metin Akbash

The decision on the appointment of Alexei Erchov Ambassador of Russia to Turkey can be called optimal, he is well aware of the specifics of this country and is a very strong Arabist, which will be difficult to surprise in his work, said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Association of Russian diplomats Andrei Baklanov.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Alexei Erchov Ambassador of Russia in Turkey. Erchov previously served as Consul General of Russia in Istanbul, and later the Director of the Department of the situational crisis center of the foreign Ministry. Has the rank of extraordinary and Plenipotentiary envoy of 1 class.

Strong and versatile Arabist diplomat

«He is a career Arabist Arabist a very strong, very well knows the language. Knows the dialects, especially the Egyptian. It was easy for him to maintain such intensive contacts and facilitated obtaining the information, (it) quick analysis», — said Baklanov, who has repeatedly crossed on the diplomatic service since Erowyn.

According to him, erhov «very well prepared» as a diplomat, which largely explains his rise through the diplomatic ladder, a considerable part of his life he spent in the «key Embassy» in the countries of the Middle East at the Russian Embassy in Egypt. During operation, the adviser-envoy of Embassy of the Russian Federation in Egypt Argov was a senior diplomat whose role in the work of the Embassy was «very significant, noticeable and had a number of specific features,» said Cormorants.

According to Baklanov, while working at the Russian Embassy in Egypt Argov was used «as a universal trained diplomat, which quickly, accurately and at very high professional level preparing documents for internal and foreign policy», as well as on issues of bilateral relations.

«Very well established business contacts to him with great respect, the foreign representatives of the diplomatic corps in the host country. As a result, he very well oriented in what is happening, and participated in the preparation of relevant information, suggestions for Moscow», — said the Agency interlocutor.

A great organizer

As reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Association of Russian diplomats, further work Erchova as Consul General of Russia in Istanbul was «very productive period of activity», while the operation was multilateral, because Istanbul is the center of business and economic activity of Turkey, where the number of international organizations.

«And he’s very successful with a large amount of work, well-organized stay of the delegations, including that in my line of work, the Federation Council was headed. I must say that on the authority (erhov – ed.) were in the Ministry of foreign Affairs is very high, and in the ministries and departments that carry out delegaciones exchange intense,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Subsequently Argov was appointed Director of the Department of the situational crisis center of the foreign Ministry. According to Baklanova, he was nominated for the post, as he was one of the diplomats who served in countries with complex political and military situation in Erowe the Department has implemented electronic means to the Russian citizens could quickly and reliably resolve issues that arise, primarily in the field of security.

All will be OK

«If all this is summarized, a decision on the nomination for the post of Ambassador in such a complex country, which is Turkey, is a decision which personally appeals to me. I think his figure, in spite of the existence of a sufficiently large number of applicants for this kind of post is optimal», — said Baklanov.

He added that Turkey is a country very difficult, but Argov had been there many years and «very good, the subject is the specificity, which has policy, and the actions of political figures» Turkey is familiar with most those people who are now in power and business structures in Turkey.

«So any surprises, probably much less, than for a man who these special knowledge is not. I am internally very quiet for this appointment. All he knows about is in what way they can continue to behave. I think that surprises him will be much less than any other candidate for the post,» said Cormorants.

«I think that he is okay it will develop» — summed up the Agency interlocutor.