The Finance Ministry expects demand for Russian Eurobonds on the part of Americans

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotomonster Finance of the Russian Federation. Archival photoThe Finance Ministry expects demand for Russian Eurobonds on the part of Americans© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The Finance Ministry will soon start placing Eurobonds for $ 3 billion, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. According to him, the Finance Ministry expects the interest in the securities from Western investors, primarily Americans, despite the possible extension of U.S. sanctions against Russia and related difficulties that may face the Western holders of Russian debt securities.

«As a rule, such investors are investors of the known Western companies, primarily American. View. I hope that this time when making loans, these investors will show interest to our securities,» said the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, answering a question about possible buyers of Eurobonds of the Russian Federation in the current year.

The Ministry, in 2017 plans to place Eurobonds with a total volume of $ 7 billion, including to sell new securities for $ 3 billion exchange and securities of some old releases on new for another $ 4 billion.

«By the way, will soon release our 3 billion,» — said the Minister.

Answering the question about the possible purchase of Russian Eurobonds by Chinese investors, Siluanov said that the Finance Ministry specifically investors from China were not invited. «Not specifically invited,» he said.

The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved a bill which, in particular, it is proposed to reduce the maximum term of market financing of Russian banks under sanctions, up to 14 days, of the companies subjected to the oil and gas sector — up to 30 days. It is also proposed to consider extending restrictions on the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation.

«The law is not yet adopted. It is only approved by the lower house,» said Siluanov. «There was a mandate to consider the possibility to extend the restrictions on the debt obligations of the Russian Federation. Let’s see what will happen next,» added the Minister.