The leader of the British labour party visited the site of emergency in North London

© Flickr / Garry KnightЛидер of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn. Archival photoThe leader of the British labour party visited the site of emergency in North London© Flickr / Garry Knight

The leader of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn night visited the place of state of emergency in the area of Finsbury Park in North London, he told himself in Monday morning to journalists.

«I know many people from the Muslim community center and mosque very good, so last night came here to talk to policemen, firemen and employees of «ambulance», he said, appearing again on the scene, which is near his home and constituency.

In the midst of the political struggle that resulted from the elections on 8 June, in which no party received an absolute majority, the actions of party leaders in emergency situations become the focus of attention. So, during the recent terrible fire in London Corbin have successfully used the fact that the Prime Minister Theresa may, having been on the scene, talked with representatives of the emergency services, but has not met with the tenants of the burned house. The labour leader met with them, resulting in pictures where he is hugging the fire victims. Thus, in terms of public relations, then Corbin came out the winner, and Mei was roundly criticized.

Corbin hurried to the scene and this time, ahead of the premiere that Monday morning holds in connection with the attack, a meeting of the emergency Committee COBRA.

The van in on Monday night made arrival on the people of North London, who was returning from the mosque with night prayer. The police said that the incident, one person died, 10 were injured, eight of them hospitalized. On suspicion of committing premeditated murder detained 48-the summer man. Prime Minister Theresa may said that police are treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack.