The MS-21 aircraft flew with the landing gear retracted

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in photobacteria flight of the new Russian passenger plane MS-21. Archival photoThe MS-21 aircraft flew with the landing gear retracted© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

The aircraft MS-21-300 completed a flight under the program of factory flight tests with the landing gear retracted, according to a press release from the Corporation «Irkut».

«Today we took an important step forward: the MS-21 aircraft made its maiden flight, which carried out cleaning and landing gear. It allows you to start practicing new, more complex modes of flight tests» — are in the release words of the President of Corporation «Irkut» Oleg Demchenko.

It is noted that the delegation of «Irkut» (part of UAC) headed Demchenko takes part in air show in Le Bourget. The main objective of the delegation at the air show — negotiations with potential customers of MS-21 aircraft, as well as with partners in this program.

MS-21 passenger aircraft with a capacity of 150 to 211 passengers, includes the latest developments in aircraft and engine design, avionics and systems. He was replaced by Soviet aircraft «Tu», «Yak» and «An».

The first flight of MS-21 was held at the end of may from the airfield of the Irkutsk aviation plant. According to experts, flight tests of a new passenger liner were successful. The second flight took place on 14 June, it was determined by the landing characteristics of the aircraft and evaluated the performance of its systems. Third flight within the flight test took place on June 15. Read more about the plane, see help RIA Novosti >>

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