The organizers ZBFest surprised by the threats of Kiev Scooter

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Iznicinat in photomontagist the German group Scooter, H. P. Baxter. Archival photoThe organizers ZBFest surprised by the threats of Kiev Scooter© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Iznicinat the image Bank

Threats of the Ukrainian authorities prison terms for members of the German group Scooter for presentation at the upcoming in Balaklava (Sevastopol) music festival ZBFest cause confusion, told RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of Agrofirm «Zolotaya Balka» Igor Tkachuk.

Earlier, the German tabloid Bild, citing representatives of the Ukrainian justice reported that the German band Scooter could face up to eight years in prison for a performance at a music festival in a Balaclava, which will be held in early August. As writes the edition, the deprivation of freedom for group members is unlikely, but the group will certainly face penalties, such as a ban on entry to Ukraine for up to three years. Scooter’s Manager has confirmed to Bild that the leader of the group H. P. Baxter and his colleagues will fly to Crimea by plane via Moscow.

«It’s very strange to hear accusations of musicians in global scale that are going to the festival to play great music, that is, to sow reasonable, kind, eternal. And even perplexed by threat of imprisonment in relation to the artists,» said Tkachuk.

The organizer was reminded that the music festival ZBFest who hold an agricultural company «Zolotaya Balka» in a Balaclava – a social event that aims to give people an unforgettable holiday in a beautiful place. The aim is to unite people on the basis of love for good music, stunning nature, art in General, said Tkachuk.

«Our festival has no political agenda, — said the Agency interlocutor. — We do not want to sound unkind in such a negative context. On the contrary – we want to invite everyone, including citizens of Germany and Ukraine, to listen to the performance of the best Russian and foreign musicians in our vineyards and get a real pleasure from life!»

The festival will take place in the vineyards of the agricultural under the open sky in the valley of Balaklava on 4 and 5 August. Among the performers who will arrive in Sevastopol besides the Scooter, the Russian group «Leningrad» (Sergei Shnurov), «Earring» (Sergey Galanin), «Brigade» (Garik Sukachev), Dmitry Bilan, L One, the «Degrees».

Agricultural company «Zolotaya Balka» — one of the largest wineries in the Crimea, the vineyards are in the valley of Balaklava in Sevastopol. The area of vineyards is more than 1400 hectares. New investors of the company, which manufactures sparkling wine (almost 5.5 million bottles in 2016), are already uprooting the old and planting of new vineyards (year planted about 200 hectares). Initiated the modernization of production and reconstruction of buildings. Co-investors of Agrofirm – Snezhana Georgieva.


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