The silent majority of Makron: the foreign policy of Paris will be tougher

© REUTERS / Philippe WojazerПрезидент of France Emmanuel macron after a vote in the second round of parliamentary elections in Le TouquetThe silent majority of Makron: the foreign policy of Paris will be tougher© REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer

The outcome of the parliamentary elections in France may affect the relations between Moscow and Paris, strengthening President Emmanuel Macron, has taken a sharp tone against Russia. Following the vote, the party «Republic!» founded by Macron, held in the collection of 350 deputies. In the past the biggest party of France «Republicans» has reduced its representation from 229 to 137 places. Historically, the Republicans kept the confrontational course of the French authorities in relation to Moscow and former Chairman of the party, Nicolas Sarkozy (now post vacant) in 2016 called to lift sanctions against Russia. Nationalists marine Le Pen, despite the support of 14% of voters were able to spend in the house only eight deputies.

The Parliament is obedient people

«Do not give absolute majority to the Makron!» and «Not going to elect a docile Parliament!» — under such slogans held its pre-election campaign the candidate of the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon, standing for the introduction in France of a proportional-representation voting. However, today a model of democracy in the country — the majority. Parliamentary elections are held in 577 districts. providing for two rounds. As the presidential election in miniature, they effectively cut off the radicals, without taking into account the fact that the level of support they can reach 20-30%. The results under this system seriously distorted: macronite, received in absolute terms and 32% in the end held in the Parliament, 61% of MPs.

The election is extremely user-friendly Parliament (such support among the deputies of the President of the country has not been since 2002) unleashes Macron in the international arena. The new President has already managed to declare itself as a supporter of a «tough course» with the countries which criticized the policy of France. These include Poland, Hungary, Russia and… the United States of America. Supported by the deputies of Makron gets carte Blanche to build relations with foreign countries from a position of strength.

The meeting between the French leader and the US President, trump revealed that Paris is ready to play brutal. Under the flashes of cameras, the heads of state exchanged a firm handshake record, which squeezed each other’s hands so that they have white-knuckled.That anybody did not have doubts that we are talking about a political gesture, Makron separately commented to the French media. «That handshake was not innocent: we need to show that concessions, even symbolic,» — said the President.
In the spring of 2016 in the French Parliament was a momentous event: a group of approximately 50 members with a mass absence of other deputies managed to pass a resolution calling for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Among those who voted against the economic constraints — MPs Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, Gilbert Collar, Thierry Mariani, the majority of whom re-elected. This means that in the new Parliament of France, Russia can count on approximately the same level of support. However, serious political influence of the Pro-Russian faction will not use.