Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg: the new stadium has established itself well

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in photobacteria the opening of the confederations Cup 2017 in St. Petersburg. 17 Jun 2017Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg: the new stadium has established itself well© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The stadium «Saint Petersburg», which is built on Krestovsky island in the Northern capital, has established itself well, has informed journalists the Vice-Governor Igor Albin.

The national teams of Russia and New Zealand on Saturday opened the confederations Cup with a match at stadium «Sankt-Petersburg». The lawn in the arena was previously replaced. It happened after a few test games, which were held in the spring.

«The stadium itself has worked well,» he said.

«Holding the opening ceremony and the football match on 17 June would have been impossible if the object was not completed and was not put into operation the procedure laid down by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. The stadium was built and operated. It fully meets the requirements of FIFA,» said Albin.

He also noted that «some time is required for the adaptation» of the stadium.

«Imagine an area of 287 thousand square meters. Some time will need to adapt. But he’s working today. The stadium has proved this in the match on 17 June. We went to the peak loads. He showed himself well», — noted Vice-the Governor, calling the stadium in St. Petersburg, a unique object.

Albin reminded that the estimated cost of construction of the new stadium is 43 billion rubles. «But it must be remembered that the 3.6 billion — unearned advances «Transstroy» and more than 1 billion of our complaints as yet from the company not received. I very much hope that the judicial system of the Russian Federation will help Petersburg to return these funds to the coffers of the city,» he said.

Vice-Governor called the cost of the stadium «is not the most expensive in the world.» «First, it’s not an arena, and cultural and sports multipurpose complex. Secondly, it can be operated all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Third, and this object can hold any sporting and non-sporting event — you can play hockey, you can arrange motorcycle shows, organize festivals, you can play football, hold exhibitions, presentations and concerts. Other similar facility in St. Petersburg… Trust my expert opinion, is it the most expensive stadium in the world,» he said.

The new stadium on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg began to build for the football club «Zenit» in 2007, but in connection with the application for holding the world football championship of 2018, the project sent back for revision to arena fully meet the FIFA requirements in terms of capacity and security. The decree of St. Petersburg on 29 December 2016 issued a permit to enter the stadium in operation. After that, the stadium was adapted to the requirements of FIFA, the sports arena in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies.