«Vostochny port» will buy car-vacuum cleaner for cleaning coal dust in Nakhodka

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Anycounty. Archival photo«Vostochny port» will buy car-vacuum cleaner for cleaning coal dust in Nakhodka© RIA Novosti / Vitaly ANEC

Coal stevedore JSC «Vostochny port» allocated Nakhodka city district, whose residents complain of coal dust, 6.3 million rubles for the purchase of vacuum sweeper.

About the problem with the dust in the city because of the coal handling in the port, the country’s President during a «straight line» said the boy Andrew from Findings on video. The Governor of Primorye Vladimir Miklushevsky said that the first sensor for air quality monitoring in the city of Nakhodka will install this week, stevedores are dust suppression systems and dust screens.

«The money allocated by the administration of Nakhodka city district will acquire vacuum sweeper sweeper Whirlwind KO 318 on the basis of «KAMAZ». Sweeper can clean the streets from dust, sand, gravel and leaves. She performs a full range of services from sweeping and loading waste to the hopper to tipper unloading in places of disposal. The technique can work with wet and dry mode, the cleaning, and when installing additional attachments the machine can perform cleaning of the streets in the winter. According to the technical documentation, the cleaning efficiency reaches 95%,» — said in the message of «Vostochny port».

According to managing Director of JSC «Vostochny port» Anatoly Lazarev, technology will be used in the settlement of Vrangel, where lives a significant part of employees of «Vostochny port».

Car vacuum cleaner for more than two years used on the territory of «Eastern port», and in that time it has proven its effectiveness, said the stevedore.

Previously of the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s office organized a check in the seaports of Nakhodka. Pacific marine UPRAVLENIE Rosprirodnadzora from June 20, will conduct unscheduled inspections stevedores Findings.


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