Australia will limit the export of gas to reduce energy prices

© Flickr / ImahornfanБуровая rig for geological exploration. Archival photoAustralia will limit the export of gas to reduce energy prices© Flickr / Imahornfan

The Australian government said it will limit gas exports from next year to curb rising energy prices on the domestic market, reports Agency associated Press.

«Most Australians faced with rising energy prices because of the power of the States curtailed further exploration of gas,» — says the Agency. Thus instead of outdated power plants that will soon be decommissioned, not to build a new coal-fired power plants.

As reported, Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull said on Tuesday that the government will not tolerate a situation where buyers from Japan, pay for gas Australia less than some local companies.

Since July, the authorities will impose new regulatory requirements under which companies such as Santos and Origin, as well as the local units of ExxonMobil and Shell will be required to provide customers from Australia priority access to gas supply to export.