Doctors have described the condition adolescents turned over on lake Ladoga boats

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in fotoracconti MOE conducted a search operation in the Ladoga lake, where the boat capsized with adolescentsDoctors have described the condition adolescents turned over on lake Ladoga boats© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

Two young men, whose boat capsized in lake Ladoga, discharged from the hospital on Wednesday-Thursday, now investigators are working with them, reported RIA Novosti Deputy chief physician by medical part of Sortavala Central regional hospital Oksana Paturi.

The boat in which were five teenagers 15-17 years old (four boys and a girl), capsized in the Bay Impilahti in the Ladoga lake on Monday. The two men managed to escape, the fate of the three remains unknown. Currently, the search operation continues. The investigating authorities opened a criminal case.

«We have received two students in the eleventh grade, 16 and 17. Currently, their condition is estimated as relatively satisfactory. Now investigators are working with them. Likely, Teens will write tomorrow after the completion of the necessary examinations,» said Paturi.

According to investigators, in the afternoon, five teenagers came from the city of Sortavala in the settlement of Impilahti of Pitkarantsky district where one of the Teens took his cousin aluminum boat with a motor. After that, the Teens went for a walk on the waters of the Gulf Impilahti Ladoga lake without life jackets.

Almost a year ago, June 18, 2016, in Karelia also the tragedy occurred on the water — the children from the camp «the Park hotel «Syamozero» went along with the instructors on a walk around the lake. In the entire group was 51 people, four of them adults. When the storm began, two canoes with children carried out on the open water, and the raft with their comrades nailed to one of the Islands. Both canoes are capsized, killing 14 children born 2002-2004.

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