Gatilov congratulated MGIMO graduates with graduation

© Photo : mgimo.izdanie MGIMO in Moscow. Archive photoGatilov congratulated MGIMO graduates with graduation© Photo :

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Gennady Gatilov has congratulated MGIMO graduates specializing in international relations, with a graduation.

«Those of you who are lucky enough to work in the Ministry of foreign Affairs is, of course, a great honor for you and great opportunities,» — said Gatilov, adding that graduates of MGIMO, worked in the Ministry, proved that indeed have very good preparation and knowledge.

He added that young people still have to continue to learn. According to the diplomat, the knowledge gained at the University, thorough, but caught in mid «will have to learn a lot».

Gatilov noted that the foreign policy situation is changing rapidly, every day faced with new challenges and problems.

«We look forward to seeing you in the Ministry. Please come and I think you will not regret if you bind your fate with this direction of its activities», — said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, also took part in the ceremony.