How to turn a subway ride into art

© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova in photobackpack panels of glazes at the metro station Mayakovskaya. The author of the sketch artist Alexander DeinekaHow to turn a subway ride into art© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova the image Bank

In 2016, nearly 2.5 billion people descended into the Moscow metro. Hour journey to work can be not only a chore but a source of inspiration. How to turn the passenger in front of painted portrait of the Renaissance or to settle in metro cartoon monsters? These questions are answered by photographers and artists.

The photographer from London Matt Crabtree shows: the ordinary, the images of the subway passengers can look like a painting of the Renaissance. It all depends on the vision.

Publication of 16th Century Tube Passengers (@16thcenturytube) Jun 20 2016 11:32 PDT

«While traveling for work I was sitting among the million or so passengers, when looked up and saw this lady in a velvet hood. It is frozen in a timeless classic pose. She was in a beautiful private world away from the hustle of it all. I came to mind the Flemish paintings of the XVI century,» the photographer told the publication Mashable.

Retouching, Crabtree does immediately on the phone using the app Snapseed, and then publishes. In the future he plans to release a photo book and open the exhibition.

Metro is inspiring photographers in cities around the world, and Moscow is no exception. Alexey Domrachev became famous thanks to the project Memento metro. For five years he filmed on the phone life of the Moscow subway, and after staged: placed pictures in places where they were made.

Memento metro Domra from Alex on Vimeo.

«I think that art should live where it was created. It should be public, simple, to the noise of cars, at the station waiting for a train, swaying on the rails,» he says.

Publication from Subway Doodle (@subwaydoodle) Mar 20 2017 5:00 PDT

The artist from new York, Ben Rubin does not limit itself to only one underground. He uses the creativity of all the urban space. Ruby takes a photo on the way to work and then draws on them of cartoon monsters. Get a funny everyday scenes.

Publication from Subway Doodle (@subwaydoodle) Mar 17 2017 at 5:04 PDT

Artists from different cities of Russia post their sketches from the subway in a special community of «Vkontakte» and on Facebook. They mostly draw passengers — make quick sketches on the way to work or school. This project, which has received the name Art of Metro, invented by the artist Maxim Serovikov.

Similar projects exist in other countries. The first was the community of artists from Canada Toronto Subway Sketch Group, later, similar projects were established in France and Poland.