In Argentina, found a cache of Nazi paraphernalia

© AP Photo / Ricardo MazalanПолиция Argentina. Archival photoIn Argentina, found a cache of Nazi paraphernalia© AP Photo / Ricardo Mazalan

The Argentine Federal police found near Buenos Aires, an illegal warehouse of Nazi paraphernalia — the largest in the history of the South American country.

According to the Guardian, all we are talking about approximately 75 objects associated with the Nazis. The authorities believe they formerly belonged to high-ranking figures of Germany during the Second world war.

«The first data say that it is an original work,» — said on Monday the associated Press news Agency the Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich. Many findings were accompanied by old photographs of found objects.

After world war II, many Nazi criminals fled to South America. The most famous among them was one of the closest aides of the Fuhrer Adolf Eichmann. In 1960, Israeli agents in Argentina, he was arrested and illegally transported to Israel and then hanged. Another was Josef Mengele, nicknamed the «angel of death» of Auschwitz concentration camp and died in 1979 in Brazil.