In Russia will start to build cars Mercedes

© AP Photo / Matthias SchraderЗавод Mercedes. Archival photoIn Russia will start to build cars Mercedes© AP Photo / Matthias Schrader

The ceremony of laying the first stone in the Foundation of the plant on production of passenger cars Mercedes-Benz in the industrial Park «Esipovo» Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region will be held on Tuesday, reports the Russian representation of the German company.

Daimler plans to start production in 2019, with a design capacity more than 20 thousand cars a year, it is assumed localization of the four models. The company has long been passed to the localization of production of passenger cars in Russia, and the signing of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in 2014 the decision was a ban on government purchases of foreign cars only accelerated the process.

So, in 2013-2014, the German company held talks on the localization of production on the basis of «Mosavtosteklo» project of Sberbank and the Moscow government, which never was implemented. Later, the company offered various options in Shushary (St. Petersburg) and in Tatarstan, but due to the protracted crisis and the subsequent significant reduction in demand in the Russian market, the German automaker was in no hurry with the decision.

In the end, spetsinvestproject 9 years between JSC «Mercedes-Benz RUS», Moscow region government, a municipality «rural settlement Peshkovskoye» Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region and involved persons — Daimler AG, KAMAZ, «Daimler KAMAZ Rus» and «Mercedes-Benz manufacturing Rus» was signed only in February of this year. Under the contract, the investor guarantees to invest at least 15 billion rubles in the course of its implementation will create over a thousand jobs.

The contract involves the creation of full cycle production for passenger cars and SUVs in the premium segment, including the localization of such technological operations as welding, painting, Assembly of vehicles, as well as performing chain logistics operations. The Russian side will facilitate the implementation of the project through the provision of state support measures and the creation of a favorable tax regime, assured the Ministry.

Most of the world’s automakers already have localized production in Russia, having signed with the government agreement on industrial Assembly of the first or second type, as well as creating joint ventures with Russian companies. However, as a result of the economic crisis that began in late 2014, over the next two years, the total capacity of the automobile factories in Russia, designed to produce 3.2 million vehicles per year, has been downloaded less than half.