Mexican journalists have become the target of programs for spying

© Fotolia / mitrijaГазетыMexican journalists have become the target of programs for spying© Fotolia / mitrija

Mexican journalists, lawyers and activists have become the objects of spyware, created in Israel, the report says Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto.

It is reported that these programs «are sold exclusively to governments.» According to the report, the purpose of spyware has also become involved in the investigation of cases of corruption and alleged human rights violations from the security services. They have received messages containing links. After the device owner clicks on the links, the device becomes open for surveillance.

According to the report, one of the people who could be under surveillance, was a prominent Mexican journalists Aristegui Carmen (Carmen Aristegui) and Carlos Loret del Mola (Carlos Loret de Mola).

As reported by the associated Press, the Mexican government categorically denies that spying on human rights defenders, journalists, activists.

According to the Agency, in February, the lab, Citizen Lab reported that the spyware company NSO Group are used against Mexican activists who campaigned against sugary drinks and fast food.