Nissan recall of almost seven thousand cars Murano

© AP Photo / Shizuo KambayashiЛоготип Nissan. Archival photoNissan recall of almost seven thousand cars Murano© AP Photo / Shizuo Kambayashi

Official representative of Nissan in the Russian market OOO «Nissan manufacturing RUS» announced about a voluntary recall of 6,944 thousands of vehicles of the brand Nissan Murano Z51 made from June 2013 through November 2016, due to a manufacturing error which may cause damage to the pipe steering booster, according to the website of Rosstandart.

«The cause of the recall of vehicles is identified, the error made in the production process of the supplier. When forming the seats of the clamp tube of the steering amplifier attached excessively high pressure. As a result there is the possibility of damage to the pipe, which can lead to the separation of the nozzle and leakage of working fluid from the steering system of the power», — stated in the message.

«If the operation of the car with this fault continued, the force applied to the steering wheel increases, in the worst case the further fluid leakage does not exclude the risk of fire caused by contact of the working fluid with hot parts in the engine compartment», — explained in the message.

It is noted that the authorized representatives of LLC «Nissan of manufacturing RUS» will inform car owners of Nissan Murano Z51 under review, mailing letters or telephone about the need to deliver the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repairs. Owners can independently determine whether their car is under review — on VIN-code.

Vehicle-Nissan Murano Z51 will be replaced nozzle high pressure of the steering booster, and all repair work for the owners will be free of charge also specified in the message.