Passengers faced in Moscow trains have the right on payments

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»the Clash train swift with the train near the Kursk railway station. 19 Jun 2017Passengers faced in Moscow trains have the right on payments© Photo : AGN «Moscow»

The passengers of the train «swift», collided with the train at the Kursk station in Moscow, have the right to receive insurance payments of up to 2 million rubles depending on the severity of the injuries, told reporters the President of the National Union of liability insurers (NALI) Igor Yurgens.

In the area of the Kursk station in Moscow on Monday at a low speed collided train «swift» and the electric train by the message of the master – chip. The result of the collision, appealed for medical aid, three people, two cars derailed. Both trains were seriously damaged.

According to the automated system AIS NSSO, the carrier that owns the train, has concluded the insurance contract with the company «SOGAZ». The responsibility to train, with which the collision occurred, the insured in the company «Alfa insurance».

As explained by Jurgens, to receive insurance compensation, the victims must apply to the insurer with a standard set of documents: application, document, identity document from the carrier of an accident and a medical report describing his injuries and their severity.

«For the victims of the payoff is calculated according to a special table, approved by the government. The size of the payment depends on the nature and severity of the injury. So, for the bruises and abrasions on the victims can obtain from 2 thousand rubles, for broken limbs from 60 to 300 thousand depending on the fracture site and the severity of the injury,» said Jurgens. At the same time, as said the President of the NCW, a few injuries, the payoffs are summarized.

As reported the press service of «SOGAZ» in the case of damage to property of the victim shall be paid out in the amount of actual damages, but not more than 23 thousand rubles.