Physicists have created an absolutely honest quantum «casino»

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Chinese and British scientists have developed a concept for a completely honest online casino, which uses the principles of quantum physics, and presented it in the journal npj Quantum Information.

«The main problem with any of the sweepstakes is a test of the fair play casino and act by the players themselves. Usually this role is played some third, independent individual, but in the case of online bookmakers make it almost impossible. We have created a Protocol that allows you to create a completely honest casino that operates without a third party,» write Jeremy O’brien (Jeremy O’brien) from the University of Bristol (UK) and his colleagues.

Quantum technology today attracting more and more attention of financiers, politicians and other public figures who are far from science, for the reason that they in principle allow to establish information exchange system, ensuring that it will not be overheard or tampered with.

For example, Russian scientists have recently proposed the combined system of quantum communication with bacchanal based cryptocurrency, to ensure the absolute reliability of financial transactions and automatic resolution of possible disputes between the parties to such financial transactions.

O’brien and his colleagues developed this idea in a slightly different direction, combining quantum technology with another brainchild of mathematics – game theory. Such ideas of creating a quantum «betting», how to recognize the British physicist, has already appeared in some scientists at the end of the last century, however, they do not go beyond quite sketchy theoretical concepts.

The essence of this idea is that both the casino and the player will be approximately equal to control how the information is transferred between them and they both have ways of verifying whether their partner is cheating.

The role of the dice, the lever on the slot machine, cards and other «working tools» of a tote in this system plays a pair of entangled particles, one of which «belongs» to the casino, and the second is transmitted to the player.

The player must open the box, which is (or is not) a particle and find it. If it is not in the tank, then he can ask the casino to send him a second particle and check whether it is in the condition which he informed the casino to start the game round.

If a player finds a particle, or detects that it is in a wrong state, then he wins, and in all other cases the money goes to the owner of the tote. Such a system, as the researchers note, is naturally drawn to a «fair» distribution of probabilities of loss and winnings, as and casino, and the player is simply not profitable to try to deceive a partner who may at any time verify the results of the game.

This quantum of «casino» the researchers tested, using a set of detectors of single photons, and a source of «confused» of light, through which they tried to find a way to «cheat» the betting or the player himself. As shown by these experiments, any attempt to cheat has increased, and they reduced the amount of win that demonstrated the absolute fairness of the operation of such quantum «casino».