Poroshenko is waiting for the «humiliating reception» in the White house, writes The Guardian

© RIA Novosti / Michael Palinketi in fotomontaggi visit of the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko in the United States. Archival photoPoroshenko is waiting for the «humiliating reception» in the White house, writes The Guardian© RIA Novosti / Michael Palinketi the image Bank

The meeting of the presidents of the USA and Ukraine in the White house promises to be short and most likely not clarify the administration’s position against Kiev, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

According to the publication, when Petro Poroshenko left Kiev, the meeting has not yet been agreed due to doubts trump. In the end the parties came to a compromise — first President of Ukraine will take Vice-President Mike Pence, and then they both «look» to the head of the White house.

This format allows Donald Trump not to stand with Poroshenko and not to make statements on bilateral relations, as is customary in most meetings with foreign leaders. In this case, the American leader would have to Express its position on Crimea and the situation in the South-East of Ukraine, then as now, U.S. policy in this direction is announced by the Pentagon and the state Department, the newspaper added.

Such treatment of Poroshenko in Ukraine, many in Europe and Washington may find humiliating, considering how many leaders trump has already met, and taking into account the statements about the «strategic importance» of Ukraine to the United States.

Talks Donald trump and Petro Poroshenko will be held on Tuesday. Commenting on the meeting, the Ukrainian leader said it was important that the US President will take him before Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin has stated that it does not consider it appropriate to «make a race», and expressed hope that the US will send to Kiev a «powerful signal» about the need to respect the Minsk agreements.