Russia began developing its response to new US sanctions

© AP Photo / J. David Acutane of the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington. Archival photoRussia began developing its response to new US sanctions© AP Photo / J. David Ake

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said RIA Novosti that Russia is beginning to develop a response to the expansion of us sanctions. He expressed the belief that the actions of the US will have no impact on the course of the Moscow and Russian companies and citizens will not suffer from the new restrictive measures.

The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday expanded the list of sanctions against companies and individuals from Russia and the Donbass because of the situation in Ukraine. The list includes 38 new companies, officials and two representatives of the motorcycle club «Night wolves» (Wolf Holding of Security Structures).

Introduced by the U.S. Treasury sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on Russia to fulfil its Minsk agreements, said on Tuesday the statement of the head of Department Stephen Mnuchin, which was circulated by his press service.

«These changes will maintain the pressure on Russia to move toward a diplomatic solution (to the conflict in Ukraine)», — said Mnuchin. He added that the U.S. supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and «no question of any relief (sanctions) can not be, until Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreement.»

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated after the annexation of Crimea and the situation in the Donbass, where Kiev in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Western countries have imposed a series of sanctions against Russia, Moscow has retaliated.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to domestic conflict, does not support the militias and not sending troops in Donbass. Moscow has also repeatedly stated that is not subject to the Minsk agreements on the settlement in Donbass, and to talk to her in the language of sanctions is counterproductive.

Sanctions against natural persons

From the Crimean officials the list includes Vadim Bulgakov — chief UFSIN of Russia on Republic of Crimea and the city Sevastopol, major General of internal service; Peter Yarosh, the head of the Russian Federal migration service in the Republic of Crimea, Andrey Melnikov, Minister of economic development of the Republic of Crimea, Oleg Kamshilov — the Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea.

From DNR and LNR Igor cornet — the Minister of internal Affairs of the Luhansk people’s Republic, Leonid beekeeper — the Minister of state security of LPR, Natalia Khorosheva member of the Council of Ministers LNR, which declared that in the territory of the Republic of the Russian ruble is the main currency, and Aleksey Costruisci — Minister for emergency situations of the DNI, Alex Wild — the Secretary of homeland security DNI, Irina Nikitina, President of the Central national Bank DND, Alexei Muratov is the representative DND in Russia.

There included Deputy MAYOR Sergei Nazarov, who according to the Ministry of Finance has made a significant contribution to the financial assistance DNR and LNR, under the auspices of the interdepartmental Committee.

The President’s special representative for cooperation with organizations of compatriots abroad, the Russian statesman and political figure, entrepreneur, member of the Federation Council, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Alexander Babakov also came under sanctions. The U.S. Treasury recalls that it is already in the sanctions list of the EU for having voted «for the annexation of the Crimea.» The sanctions hit and two subordinates Babakov Alexander Vorobyov and Mikhail Plisyuk.

A special line in the list prescribed Gennady Nikolov head of the bike center of «Night wolves» and Denis Ryauzov — «thought leader» in the same organization. According to the U.S. Treasury bikers «provide martial arts training and tactical military courses of foreign armed forces.»

Sanctions against banks and companies

Unnoticed by the Ministry of Finance has not remained and the structure of the bike club, which in documents of the Agency appears as a Wolf Holding of Security Structures.

The Agency adopted the decision on inclusion in the «black list» of six banking institutions for activities in the Crimea, said in a statement. There it is specified that in the «black list» were JSC «Taatta», black sea development Bank and reconstruction Bank «Rublev», Bank «Northern Credit», «IP Bank», PJSC Bank «vvb».

And as 21 the «daughter» of Transneft. In particular, the sanctions list includes JSC «Chernomortransneft», JSC «far Eastern construction Directorate», JSC «Institute for design of pipelines», JSC «pension Fund «Transneft», JSC «Svyaztransneft», OOO «Transneft Finance», JSC «Transneft Diascan», JSC «Transneft-Druzhba», JSC «Transnefteproduct», «Transneft-media», JSC «Transneft-Metrology», JSC «Transneft-security», JSC «Transneft UW service», JSC «Transneft-Prikam’e», JSC «Transneft Volga region», JSC «Transneft-Sever» JSC «Transneft-Siberia», JSC «Transneft-Central Siberia», JSC «Transneft-Ural», LLC «Center of project management «Eastern Siberia — Pacific ocean».

Treasury notes that we are talking about companies who «Transneft» owns more than 50% of the shares. Now American citizens can carry out financial transactions with them, which occupy more than 90 days. The company itself, this issue has not commented.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance has imposed sanctions against the so-called private military company «Wagner» and Dmitri Utkin, who was named its leader. Dmitry Utkin attended a reception in the Kremlin Palace on December 9. The representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Utkin was there, because he is a Chevalier of the order of Courage.

Published on Tuesday the US sanctions list includes Crimean first insurance company (kpsk), insured in 2016, the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. The Ministry of transport has said that the impact on the construction of the bridge, this fact will not have.

In the list are company of manufacturing and selling firearms and kolomenskogo weapon «Molot-Guns» and two companies of the group «Concord» Eugene Prigogine, «Oboronsertifika» — the only contractor of the Russian Ministry of defense in terms of acquisition of goods, works and services for Maritime transport, naval forces and freight on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. Included in the list of holding IFD Capital owners who, according to Bloomberg, are Leonid Fedun and Vagit Alekperov, and he owns a 4-star hotel located in Alushta Sunrise Riviera Resort & Spa.

Russia will not change course

Russia began developing its response to new US sanctions© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate in fotobanka said that the extension of US sanctions will have no effect on the rate of Mosquitomap foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said RIA Novosti that the extension of sanctions by the US will not affect the course of Moscow.

«We said from the very beginning of the Washington’s destructive extremely destructive policy of sanctions against Russia, to our physical and legal entities, which required US of the effect they will not give and can not give. We repeat constantly, and this I declare once again. But I would like to say that in the current situation. Repeatedly Moscow at various levels emphasized that to judge the policy of the US administration towards Russia, we will in its actions, not rhetoric. Not for some signals, the hints, some semi-formal impulses, but strictly on business. That’s the case speak for themselves,» — said Ryabkov.

«We will continue your course firmly and consistently,» — said the diplomat.

According to him, «those Russian officials who were in the list today, of course, will not suffer from the American sanctions.» He stressed that Washington is expanding sanctions against Russia, contrary to its own declared objectives.

«We (the U.S. action) sorry. And it is with this feeling once again missed opportunities to move towards the improvement of our bilateral relations proceed to the elaboration of our response,» Ryabkov said.Russia began developing its response to new US sanctions© RIA Novosti, Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures