Ruzsky Superfinal: water Polo teams will compete for victory in the World League

© Images / Alexander HassensteinВодное Polo. Archival photoRuzsky Superfinal: water Polo teams will compete for victory in the World League© Images / Alexander Hassenstein

Men’s super final World League water Polo starts in the Moscow region Ruza, where the host side will make the Russian team.

Russians will start the tournament on June 20 match against Australia, on June 21, the team of Sergei Evstigneev will play against Croatia, June 22 — with the Japanese. The quarterfinals will take place on June 23, 24th to host the finals, 25th — final and ranking matches for 3rd, 5th, 7th place. In the second group will play teams of the USA, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Italy.

In the Russian team at the Grand final went Kirill Korneev, Victor Ivanov, Sergey Lisunov, Nikita Derevyankin, Egor Vasilyev, Daniil Merkulov, Ivan Suchkov Nikolay Lazarev, Alexey Bugaychuk, Artem Ashaev, Ivan Nagaev, Dmitriy Cold, Roman Shepelev.

«It is clear that it will play the strongest teams of their continents, but we still set ourselves ambitious goals — to get first place in our group, which was going strong. Where to set ambitious tasks, if not in the tournament?» — outlined the purpose of Evstigneev.

Evstigneev continues to work with the team as the acting as head coach after the resignation of Vladimir Karabutov. As admitted by the President of the water Polo Federation of Russia Alexey Vlasenko, depending on the performances of the team in the season will be decided and the coaching issue.

«I met with him and Marat Zakirov, talked, loved their attitude, their motivation. I would like to work with a team to the Olympics, and already to change to Games in the coaching staff. I told them that everything is in their hands, to see how it is at the end of the world Cup,» he said. Well, until the world Cup almost a month, the management puts a very high target before the Grand final. «Only the first place, as always. We aim always to win, second place is already a defeat», — told Vlasenko.

The main favorite in the fight for the title are the world Champions, winners of the Olympic games-2016 national team of Serbia, whose unbeaten run in the super finals of the World League runs from 2013. Among their closest competitors — Champions of the 2012 Games, the Croats and the Australians and Americans, are able to compete for the prize of the tournament.

«Our task is to abstract from organizational aspects and focus on preparation for the games… It will be a good test before the world Cup, and we will do our best to show the best possible result,» — said in turn Russia captain Sergey Lizunov.