Simonyan believes that the Czech Republic it is necessary to introduce a system of video replays

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in photomaximum video replays VAC in preparation for the confederations Cup in 2017Simonyan believes that the Czech Republic it is necessary to introduce a system of video replays© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

Need to keep up with the times and start using it in matches of the championship of Russia on football a system of video replays, which is currently being tested at the confederations Cup, said the Agency «R-Sport» the first Vice-President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Nikita Simonyan.

System videoporama arbitrators (VAR) was already used in the matches of the confederations Cup, which on June 17 was launched in Russia. For the first time he ran, the referees of the match between Portugal and Mexico (2:2) in the first half was cancelled out a goal from the Portuguese for offside. After video viewing for offside was abolished a goal in the first half of the game Chile — Cameroon (2:0), and in the second half, on the contrary, the arbitrator canceled the original goal was counted.

«The practice of using sitepromotion (confederations Cup) shows that the teams almost did not protest, the showdown with the judges. This progress, besides videopool does not take much time. It doesn’t slow the game, things happen quickly, some 15-30 seconds. Entertainment football is not lost, but removed the issues of dissatisfaction with the decision of the arbitrator. So the technique now only helps the football,» said Simonyan, in a telephone conversation.

«It’s time in the championship of Russia is to introduce, although many of the funds needed for this system. It is necessary to keep up with the times. Many national Championships are already moving to a system of video replays. Well, we are going to keep up with them?» — added the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier President RFS Vitaly Mutko said that Russia has submitted to the International football Federation (FIFA) application for use of VAR in the national championship. According to him, the cost of the video replay system on one stadium is $ 1.2 million, and its operation is 100 thousand dollars a year.