Suspect in murder of mother in Chelyabinsk consists on the account at the psychiatrist

© RIA Novostiukraine meeting. Archival photoSuspect in murder of mother in Chelyabinsk consists on the account at the psychiatrist© RIA Novosti

The man suspected of killing mother in Chelyabinsk, is in the psychiatric records, told RIA Novosti press-service gumvd of Russia on area.

According to the interior Ministry of Russia in the region, 6 June 2017, the duty of the police Department Kurchatovskiy UMVD of Russia on the Chelyabinsk received a message from a man who works as a taxi driver, who explained that on Kuibyshev street noticed the man with the bag. Unknown, seeing the stranger, threw the bag and fled. The police in the bag found black coat, which was wrapped in part of a human body, said the police. The investigating authorities opened a criminal case under article «murder». Police arrested a suspect on June 19.

«On suspicion in the murder and dismemberment of an elderly woman was arrested, her son born in 1962, which is psychiatric treatment», — stated in the message.

The question about bringing a man of prosecution and remand in custody, States the report.

According to the investigation, the suspect has already told investigators the circumstances of the incident, and also explained where he hid the torso — it was found on the territory of the dacha.