The developer of a Quiet Bay not recovered dug hill

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Paleenchantress Quiet coves did not restore the dug hillThe developer of a Quiet Bay not recovered dug hill© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polehenko

The head of the firm-the Builder, has started construction at the borders of landscape-recreational Park «Quiet Bay» in Koktebel, brought to administrative responsibility. As have informed RIA of Crimea the head of Service of state supervision of the Republic of Crimea Nariman Isaev, it is assigned a penalty of 50 thousand rubles. The decree of Crimea earlier fined the legal entity — LLC «Sich Koktebel» — one million rubles for illegal construction on the borders of the Quiet coves.

The firm has not recovered the hill, dug in preparation for the construction of the transformer substation for maintenance of the facility. Earlier, the authorities of Feodosia, the Republic of Crimea has expressed the position that the developer must bring the dug-up area to its original state.

Twentieth June the RIA Crimea visited the site prohibited the construction and made sure that dug under the base TP of a trench filled with gravel and concrete Foundation blocks are not removed and the hill is not restored.

Contact the head of the company «Koktebel Sich» today was not possible — he’s not answering calls and messages.

As reported by the website of RIA Novosti (Crimea) in may of this year, on the borders of the landscape-recreational Park «Quiet Bay» began the construction of the transformer substation for maintenance of a sports complex, which was planned to build on the land. The project developer is LLC «Koktebel Sich». In August 2007, Koktebel settlement Council approved the project land for the lease of the firm land area of 2.7 hectares. According to the project, this site was planned to erect a building of a sports complex and three nine-storey hotel complex with infrastructure.

Commenting on the situation, the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov assured that the authorities of Kazakhstan will not allow the illegal building of a Quiet Bay in Koktebel, and thanked the Director General MIA «Russia today» Dmitry Kiselev for bringing attention to this issue in the media.

The chief architect of the Republic of Crimea Anna tsaryova, said that the project was not coordinated with either the chief architect of the RK, nor with the architect Feodosia. She assured that the project is not implemented, all existing buildings will be demolished, and the hill will recover.

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