The experience of the project «Energy-Buran» will take into account when creating a new rocket «Soyuz-5»

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate in fotobanka RKK Energiya. Archival photoThe experience of the project «Energy-Buran» will take into account when creating a new rocket «Soyuz-5»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate the image Bank

The new Russian carrier rocket «Soyuz-5» will be designed, based on the experience of the Soviet program «Energy-Buran», said Tuesday the head of RSC Energia Vladimir Solntsev at the air show at Paris Le Bourget.

«Based on experience, how to create complex «Energy-Buran», we go the same way. There is nothing to invent is not necessary, because this is the road that has already been passed. Therefore, we are also developing a carrier rocket of the middle class, and then he turns into the elements of the first and second stages, not in absolute performance, but we can talk about a certain unification,» said Solntsev.

According to him, at first accumulating the statistics of the carrier rocket of the middle class, and then it turns into one of the key elements of superheavy rocket. It is possible to achieve a certain universality of the launch complex, which is very important, said Solntsev.

He noted that the creation of the «Soyuz-5» is not quite correct to draw Parallels with the Ukrainian complex «Zenit» launch pad which is at Baikonur in partnership with Kazakhstan is planned to be upgraded under the launches of the new missile.

«Today we don’t have a launch vehicle of this class, which can withdraw into a low orbit a weight of about 17 tons. There is a «plus size» in this part of the «proton» and «nedorazumenij» «Union.» We are tasked to create in the shortest possible time carrier rocket of superheavy class. If to speak about «Zenith» and continuity, we have set ourselves the task as to adapt to the «Sea launch», and to the existing 45 «zenitovskoy» pad at the Baikonur,» added Solntsev.

«Our investor is willing to upgrade the «Sea launch». Thus, we can maximize early start launches of missiles. The President set a task — 2022, but I think that flight tests should begin early so by 2022 we had finished flying a rocket», — concluded the head of RKK «Energy».

Earlier, Russia and Kazakhstan agreed on a programme to accelerate the creation of the rocket «Soyuz-5» and starting to her infrastructure at Baikonur. The program could begin in 2022. Russia takes on increased responsibilities for the funding and creation of the launch of the middle class, Kazakhstan — modernization of the launch complex.

The project «Energy-Buran» was launched in the USSR in the 1970s in response to the development of the American reusable space transportation system (the»Energy» launch vehicle «Buran» — ship). The program lasted for 18 years, was spent 16.5 billion Soviet rubles, however, Buran made only one unmanned space flight in 1988.

All-Russian research Institute of aviation materials in 2013, 25 years after the launch, stated in the analytical report that the Buran was ahead of his time and by most measures surpassed the American system of the Space Shuttle.

In particular, the Soviet ship could be in orbit twice as long as the American «Shuttle»: 30 days against 15, to take on Board 30 tons of cargo (Shuttle — 24 tons) and 10 crew members (7 astronauts). Launch preparations at Baikonur took only 15 days (vs months of pre-launch operations for the space Shuttle at Cape Canaveral).

The main difference, according to experts, was the fact that the Soviet ship was able to fly and to land automatically.

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