The League of Arab States condemned the attack on mosque in London

© AFP 2017 / Tolga ECOPOLICY working on the hitting the van a crowd of people in London. 19.06.2017The League of Arab States condemned the attack on mosque in London© AFP 2017 / Tolga Akmen

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Ahmed Aboul Gheit condemned the attack on the mosque, which took place last night in London, and called on the international community to combat Islamophobia.

According to the statement circulated on behalf of the Secretary General of the interregional organization, the international community should be more coordinated to fight terrorism and religious extremism.

«The phenomenon of (religious extremism) is the Islamophobia that is gaining momentum at present in some societies. This is due to the stereotypes and false beliefs (about Islam). It is necessary to work with the centres of public opinion, political and media circles,» the statement said of the League.

The fourth major in the last three months, the incident occurred in the UK on Monday night. 47-year-old Darren Osborne rammed a rented truck who was returning from the mosque after evening prayer the group members. Killed one person and injured eight. The crowd was ready to kill the attacker, but he was saved from death at the place of the Imam.

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