The President of South Ossetia congratulated the Sputnik second birthday in the country

© Sputnik / Mikhail Havewritten South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov at the press center of the Agency SputnikThe President of South Ossetia congratulated the Sputnik second birthday in the country© Sputnik / Mikhail Khasiyev

The President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov congratulated the staff of the Agency Sputnik of South Ossetia c two years working in the media space of the country.

The President thanked the staff of Sputnik South Ossetia for the tremendous work they have done over a period of two years, and said that daily acquainted with the materials of the Agency. «In South Ossetia, not afraid of the word Sputnik is the only independent resource,» he said. Bibilov gave the Agency a picture of the Ossetian artist Arkady Kumaritova and gave an Honorary diploma on behalf of the Ambassador of South Ossetia in Russia the Georgian delegation Gassieva.

«I can confidently say that with the advent of your Agency’s information product to a whole new level», — said the speaker of the Parliament Peter Gassiev, who, along with Bibilov visited the press center Sputnik. He noted that the firsthand experience with journalism, as worked in this field for over ten years.

Between Sputnik studios in Tskhinvali, Moscow and Sukhum was organized the teleconference, which was attended by the Deputy chief editor MIA «Russia today» Sergey Kochetkov and the Ambassador of South Ossetia in Russia Znaur Gassiev. «Sputnik is one of our most successful products that we support and appreciate. Thanks to the leadership of the Republic for the fact that you find time to come for a visit and never fail in an interview,» — said Kochetkov. In turn, Znaur Gassiev said that the Agency has a great team with an energetic head.

Chapter Sputnik Abkhazia Ruslan Bganba in his congratulatory message said that over two years, Sputnik South Ossetia has made significant progress.

The results of two years of work summed up the Sputnik head of South Ossetia Called high. According to him, during this time, the Agency website was visited by over 800 thousand people, the total number of views for the same period exceeded 2.5 million, and in the second place visited is Georgia. The secret of success of the Agency was professional and hard-working team, summed up high.