Tillerson offers Russia a truce price North Korea

© AFP 2017 / Brendan SmialowskiГоссекретарь USA Rex Tillerson at a meeting of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate. 13 Jun 2017Tillerson offers Russia a truce price North Korea© AFP 2017 / Brendan Smialowski

The United States allow for the possibility of rapprochement with Russia in case of implementation of its foreign policy requirements. According to the information portal Buzzfeed, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson presented President Donald Trump programme of cooperation between the two countries, consisting of three paragraphs. From Russia expected to reduce trade with North Korea, deals in Syria and assistance in the joint cybersecurity. Russian authorities say they do not know about «plan Tillerson» in light of the fact that the relationship between the parties in the middle East and in East Asia continue to deteriorate.

The differences between Russia and the United States on the North Korean issue was again on the agenda in the first months of 2017. Information resource USA Today published the information that the trade turnover between Russia and the DPRK increased by 73% since the beginning of the calendar year. Economic relations between Moscow and Pyongyang are governed by UN security Council resolution No. 2270 of sanctions against North Korea voted and Moscow. Washington does not believe that Russia is violating the resolution, but I admit that bypassing it.

The language in the document does leave room for ambiguity, since it is not intended for economic strangulation of North Korea. In particular, paragraph 29 allows for the conclusion of transactions that are «established, implemented solely for the purpose of providing a livelihood and are not associated with generating income for the programs of the DPRK nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.» Previously, this part of the resolution were in China, purchasing in North Korea, coal. In February, 2017 of the administration of the trump managed to get from Beijing to the cessation of supplies.

Diplomatic clashes around North Korea, and continuing throughout the years, escalated after the death June 19 of a student from the USA Otto Warmbier, who spent a year and a half in the dungeons of the DPRK. A young man accused of damage to North Korean interests, was deported from the country already in a state of coma. In the US media discusses the theory that the prisoner was tortured. Against this background, the online publication Buzzfeed plan Tillerson may mean that the US is preparing for new offensive in North Korea.

Another key initiative of Secretary of state — joint action in Syria — it seems, also does not mitigate bilateral tension. On the eve of the Russian government said it was ready to consider the United States air force in the skies over Syria air targets. The decision was taken after the USA shot down a plane of Syrian troops accused of bombing friendly to Washington «Syrian democratic forces». In Damascus deny this information: according to the Syrian side, her aircraft carried out bombing ISIS*.

According to Buzzfeed, Tillerson suggested that Russia «discharge»: to forget about the incident and focus on joint action against ISIS*. However, the actions of the parties indicates that both Moscow and Washington have already kept in mind the future settlement in Syria, when the danger of radical Islam will be finished. In this regard, the plan Tillerson does not provide any warranties of Moscow for the period that will follow the fall of the IG*.

In Washington, however, the intention to cooperate with Russia against the self-proclaimed Caliphate can be seen as a concession. Earlier, in may 2017, the President, Donald trump has come under fire after allegedly sending classified information about the IG* Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Charges against trump was based on the supposition that Moscow «would be an abuse of» classified information about the jihadists. The details of how this could be done, were not explained.

In the White house situation prevailing in the relations with Moscow, called the poor and «unacceptable between the two largest nuclear powers,» complain of the political instability caused by disputes over the election campaign of 2016. According to Tillerson, trump instructed him to improve relations with Moscow, keeping in mind «the internal problems of the States», but «in spite of them.» However, to make it seem not possible.


*ISIS is a terrorist group banned in Russia.