US may toughen policy towards Pakistan, the media are writing

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisЗдание the White house in Washington, USA. Archival photoUS may toughen policy towards Pakistan, the media are writing© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump may tighten policy in its relations with Pakistan to urge Islamabad to take more decisive fight against the militants, suiting attacks in neighboring Afghanistan, Reuters reported, citing unnamed American officials.

The interlocutors said that in the White house discussed a few initiatives in this direction – an increase in the number of air strikes, suspensions or redeployment provide Pakistan aid and, possibly, the downgrading of the country, which is now considered a major US ally outside NATO. At the same time, the White house is counting on increased cooperation with Islamabad, the Agency said. The final decision on this issue is still pending.

Relations with Pakistan came under the attention of the administration during the preparation of the new regional strategy, which is expected to be available by mid-July.

«We never really fully expressed what is our strategy towards Pakistan. This strategy to indicate more clearly what exactly we want from Pakistan,» — said the Agency one of the American officials.

Earlier it was reported that President Donald trump gave the Pentagon chief James Mattis authority to determine the number of American troops in Afghanistan. According to the associated Press, this week will be announced additionally about sending four thousand us military in Afghanistan. Now the number of American soldiers in the country is about 8.4 thousand people.